What is a lifeguard competition?

Lifeguard training

Lifeguard training that protects waterside safety. We interviewed USA representative, who belongs to the Nishiyama Surf lifeguard Club, about lifeguard, which may become an Olympic sport in the future.

What is a lifeguard competition?

Few people know that there are competitions in lifeguard.
Yes, awareness is low.

– Lifeguard training activities such as patrols and lifeguard competitions. Where are the differences?
Basically, the position is that there is a competition to improve rescue skills in summer surveillance activities.

By building basic physical strength for the competition and training to improve the speed of rowing, swimming, and running, the rescue power will also improve. The original beginning is there, so don’t waver.

Activates of lifeguards

There are some people who do not monitor activities and only compete. There’s nothing wrong with that, and while competition is important to me, I’d like to cherish summer monitoring activities more than that.

But, of course, there is also the goal of winning the best in USA in the competition.

Surveillance is very important during the summer. For the sake of the team, I am doing everything I can to ensure that there are no accidents. doing.

However, people who have just started lifeguard or who want to start may find the sports part to be more attractive.

Competitions are a great way to get people to learn about lifeguard. An increase in the number of athletes will lead to the securing of human resources for lifesavers in the future, so we must take care of it.

To what extent can we communicate the importance of patrols and education to people who have entered the world of lifeguard after competing? I think that is what lifesavers who are active now have to do.

What kinds of sports are there?

I like sea species. Even in the sea, I’m good at events that use tools, such as boards and surf skis.

It’s an event where power matters, so I usually do weight training. In the pool event, I’m in the fin competition where I wear flippers. Right now, we’re number two in USA, and sometimes number one (laughs).

In 2018, I was second in the pool event, and in the ocean competition there is an event called Oceanman, and I won the championship in June.

The board race was second, and the kayaking-like competition called surf skiing was third. It was my first time to win a medal in surf skiing, so I was very happy.

Can I choose the event by myself?

You can choose. There are athletes who only do running events, and there are athletes who are good at pool but not good at ocean events.

As a member composition looking ahead to the world competition, my position is that I have to be able to do the pool, the sea, and run, so I am required to have quite almighty qualities.

That’s why I do everything from the sea to the pool to running.

National and international competitions

How many times do you participate in the competition each year?
In USA, there is a pool tournament in May, the first month of the season, and an ocean tournament in June. This is a difficult time because you have to train in the sea while training in the pool.

After that, Nishiyama will start monitoring activities from July 1st. There are no tournaments in July and August, but in September there is a national qualifying round, and students have an intercollegiate student tournament.

And in October, there is the biggest tournament in USA called the All USA Main Battle. There are mainly three big competitions hosted by the USA lifeguard Association, and four for students.

There are also several small tournaments held by clubs in Shizuoka and Yogacara. After all, racing is the best way to gain experience, so I participate in such competitions as if they were fan races.

The international convention is held once every two years. 2018 will be held in Australia in November. Last year, I competed in the New Zealand ocean competition in November, and the Italian pool competition in February.

Do you feel that the level of overseas performances is high?

It’s expensive. Australia and New Zealand are home, so they are strong. It’s not that I can never compete. South Africa and the United States are on the same level as USA.

Spain and other European teams are also strong, with France finishing third overall and competing with New Zealand and Australia.

The wall with the world can be felt as much as you go. By feeling it with your skin, you can encourage self-improvement. Every time I have a good experience, I feel that I am able to improve myself each time.

Could it be an Olympic sport?

What are the chances that lifeguard training will become an Olympic sport?
I think so, a lot. There is a competition called the World Games, which is said to be the second Olympics. And various sports that are not included in the Olympics are held, and lifeguard is one of them.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate, but last year, the USA team set a world record and won the obstacle relay, a competition for four people. This was truly a remarkable achievement, and the USA team began to attract attention in the lifeguard training world.

Even in the sports world, if it continues to spread at this rate, it may be possible to enter the Olympic Games around 2024 or 2028.

It seems that he is on the list of candidates. If that’s the case, I’d also like to… Right now, I’m training hard for the world competition in November this year, the world competition in Italy in 2020, and the competition in South Africa in 2019!

Don’t miss the official movie of the All USA lifeguard Championships!

What types of lifeguard sports are there? What kind of atmosphere does the tournament actually have? And all I care about.

The official movie of the 43rd All USA lifeguard Championships held in 2017 has been released. Please take a look!

From Saturday, July 13, 2019 to Sunday, August 25, 2019, in order to enjoy the sea with peace of mind through activities to beautify the sea environment in the Shimoda and Minamiizu areas, and to preserve the beautiful nature for the future, We hold and support various campaigns.

A program where you can experience the basic knowledge and first aid to enjoy swimming safely with a lifeguard. Every year, many children participate and receive positive feedback.

Main program contents

Opening ceremony

・Introduction of rescue equipment used by lifeguard

・Training on beach rules and safety at sea

・Practice wading to run efficiently in the sea, and how to deal with injuries

・ Surfing experience using nipper boards and kickboards

・Relay race using wading

·Closing session


The goal of lifeguard is not to beat others, but to rescue the drowning person as quickly and reliably as possible. Ocean competitions are held at sea, and time is not measured due to the unstable natural environment such. As wave height, tide speed, wind strength and direction, and weather.

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On the other hand, in the pool competition, 0.01 seconds are contested to measure the time. Fouls are similar to lifeguard activities, improbable situations result in disqualification


A lifeguard competition is a sport that incorporates lifeguard training and techniques. There are many different types of lifeguard competitions. There are surf events, beach events, pool ball games, and SERC .

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