7 Common Dental Emergencies and How To Prevent Them

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As long as you have teeth and gums in your mouth, you can always expect some unpleasant surprises. While Dental Emergencies can happen at any time, there are many ways to prevent the same. 

If you can take the necessary care of your teeth, you can easily avoid some of the common emergencies. But there are always unpreventable issues like a chipped tooth or broken tooth which will demand an instant investigation.

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Dental emergency: What is it?

Any dental emergency is a stressful and traumatic experience for patients. It may cause a lot of pain and you will get frightened about picking the right emergency dental services who can fix the problem. 

Common emergencies include situations like

  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Cracked tooth or filling
  • Bleeding
  • Knocked tooth

and a lot more. 

It’s time to know about the common emergencies related to your teeth and how to prevent them. 

Emergency #1: Knocked out tooth

You were playing sports and suddenly you fell vigorously right on your face. The result? A knocked-tooth to begin with. A fall from a horse or someone hitting you on the face can also lead to such a condition. It will definitely feel drastic at the moment, but you need to act really quickly to make sure that the dentist can save your tooth. 

If the tooth has dirt on it, just rinse it once. If it hurts, leave it. Try to put the broken tooth in a container having milk in it. And then contact the emergency dental care within half an hour of the incident. 


While playing any sport, especially if the game is a contact sport form, wear mouthguards. It 

will save your tooth to a great extent. 

Emergency #2: Toothache

Pain can never be a good sign of your oral health. In fact, a toothache is the indicator of many possible conditions that include chances of tooth decay too. Although many toothaches are manageable without emergency medical attention, certain symptoms like bleeding or swelling call for a visit to an emergency dental clinic.

  • Don’t try the common remediations like taking any painkiller available over the counter. 
  • Sometimes, painkillers can get in contact with the affected gum leading to further burning of tissue. 
  • The application of a cold compress helps most of the time 

But emergency care will be necessary to make sure that you receive the right treatment to prevent further decay.


Follow the dentist’s strict guidelines to prevent further cavities or complications. 

Emergency #3: Crown falls out

Did you have a filling recently or a few years back? Then the crown or filling can fall out owing to several reasons like

  • Chewing on harder food items
  • Keeping chewing gums in the mouth
  • Biting hard food with the crown

You have to visit the dentist quickly for such Dental Emergencies. 


Be careful about what you are biting or chewing especially using the crown or filling. Also, give some time for the treated teeth to recover after the crown treatment or filling. 

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Emergency #4: Abscess

Infections in the mouth are common in many people. Most infections happen around the gums or teeth. Such infections can be serious, especially if you ignore visiting the dentist for a long. The pain will soon spread all across the body, just like the infection. 

There is basically nothing that you can do to prevent this pain. The only solution is to visit the emergency dental services as soon as possible. 


Unhealthy dental hygiene is the prime cause of abscesses. Visit your family dentist more often to clean the teeth and undergo necessary overall check-ups to avoid infections. 

Emergency #5: Bleeding

Are you noticing blood as you rinse your mouth after brushing? Then it can be a sign that you are suffering from gingivitis, a type of gum disease. If the bleeding does not stop or you are noticing persistent bleeding after the extraction of a tooth, you may need emergency dental care.

You can place gauze on the area and apply some pressure by biting down the gauze to prevent bleeding until you reach the dentist. 


Although you can avoid bleeding after tooth extraction, you must follow the post-operative care practices for healthy recovery. 

Emergency #6: Damaged braces

Braces are strong enough to withstand the action of eating and talking. But it may happen that the brace gets stuck to the cheek or gum. Under certain circumstances, the braces may break too. If this happens, you will feel much discomfort and the orthodontic straightening process will slow down. 

Visiting the emergency dental clinic near you will help to fix the braces. But it’s not a good idea to try these on your own.


Eating the right food and performing cleaning activities as per the instruction of the doctor will help a lot to prevent such conditions. 

Emergency #7: Chipped or cracked teeth

Like the knocked-out tooth, chipped or cracked teeth also arise usually from accidents and injuries. In such cases, you should immediately reach the Dental Emergencies as soon as possible and get the necessary dental care. 


Human teeth are strong, but not hard enough to withstand deep blows. Wearing a mouthguard and carefully chewing the very hard items can help to prevent such emergencies. 

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Stay safe

Preventive care tips can minimize the chances of such dental emergencies. But it cannot nullify the same. So, make sure that you visit the dentist at the right time and get the necessary treatment to avoid serious complications in the future. 


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