How to choose the best Football Gear online?

How to choose the best Football Gear online?

Football was regarded as an international sport in the 19th century. Distinct rules and introduction of FIFA. In today’s era, around 211 teams participate in the qualification round for the Coveted FIFA World cup. One of the major reasons behind the success of football, it is easy to play. Catch and snatch the ball and you are good to go. You need a range of football accessories like football, football shoes to keep you safe while playing.

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Choosing a Football Ball & Football Shoes

Everyone knows Football is a fun sport. This sport is accessible to all types of players. Hence, football is a diverse game. Everyone likes to enjoy the game. Different players need different types of football & football shoes. To help you with the right football ball & football shoes, Vicky Sports have put together guides to choosing the right football.

How to pick up a football?

The first step includes considering your specific terms or circumstances. If you are an adult playing 11-a-side football on grass, you need a completely different ball from a 10-year-old footballer. Not Only Playing is not important, but the correct type of ball is also likely to have. This will increase your performance standard and focus on safety.

When you are choosing which football you need for safe play. You have to consider two factors: What is the age of the player and which type of playing do you go for? Age and type of football may seem inadequate to you now but when you see the differences between the ball. You will go for the significant category. Whether you are looking for football for a team or individually, make sure you are fully informed.

Types of Football

You have to depend on multiple factors for the type of football. Importantly with the football game type, purpose (day match or tournament), and surface. Every factor will change with what areas of performance need to be prioritized and tailored. It will help you to enhance your performance as much as possible.

  1. Training

When you choose the specific ball for training will change. It depends on the surface the player is playing on. For eg. If you are playing on the sand or an indoor surface, you have to choose standard football training football. These balls are used often for long periods in schools and clubs. Hence, they are designed with tough PU and PVC skin that extend the life span of the ball. A high-quality training ball will be able to keep up with the training schedule. They won’t be easily abrasive and maintain their shape for longer.

  1. Futsal

A particular type of football game is almost always placed in an indoor area. Futsal football is strong enough to withstand being played on rough surfaces. They will remain in shape and have no resistance. Futsal balls are make using tough PU leather. The hard surface and small space in that futsal are played means that futsal balls need to reduce the bounce and allow for closer control. To achieve these, Futsal balls have soft foam lining which cushions the impact of the ball against the hard surface, limits its rebound, and increases the player’s control.

  1. Indoor

This type of football is different from the futsal ball. Standard indoor football is make using a PVC outer that is opposite to the PU leather layer. The features of these balls are largely the same as both as they were built with the decreased rebound to standard football. They are strong enough and able to withstand the hard laminate surfaces of indoor balls. The primary difference is they are more to do with the intended purpose. Standard indoor footballs are used in school due to their durable bladders and outer material requiring minimum maintenance.

Ø Choosing Football Shoes

While playing football, it becomes essential for the player to wear a pair of football shoes on the surface they are playing on. Now the question is how to choose football shoes.

Vicky Sports offers you a complete range of football shoes for specific needs such as surface type. How would you determine which shoes you have to go for and the types of surfaces? Your choice of football shoes completely depends on the nature of the surface you are playing on.

Today’s market is packed with innovation and glittering colorways. Due to this, we sometimes make the wrong choice. It is a complete disaster for us. This season, Vicky Sports is here to help you with factors you need to consider while searching for the perfect pair of football shoes. They are as follows:

  1. Define the budget

Before you purchase any football shoes, you need to decide how much money you are going to spend. You can’t stretch the limit or overdraft limit. You have to settle the shoes under or near budget.

However, Looking at those shoes which you can’t afford is just a waste of time. This will leave you disappointed and won’t be a great deal for you. Always make sure your budget is then beginning to shop.

  1. Claim the Surface

Every player plays at a different level because of this they play on different surfaces. For this, different football shoes are introduced. Turning up on the wrong kind of footwear will put you at risk and serious injury. You have to end up playing at zero. You will become a laughing stock and lose your team unnecessarily.

Therefore, You need to find those football shoes which suit your playing surface and the conditions you are playing in. Now, you have to choose the right shoes from a variety of shoe surface types. Here are, consider them:

  • Dry Surface Football Shoes

If you are playing on a dry natural grass surface, select FG (firm ground) studs with traditional studs or blades.

  • Soft surface

If you are playing on soft, wet, and occasionally muddy natural grass surfaces choose SG sole with height-adjustable screw-on studs. They will provide you with better support and prevent you from slipping.

  • Hard surface

If you are playing on hard surfaces such as indoor synthetic grass, consolidated surfaces, or shale. Choosing HG or turf outsole with small rubber studs would be an ideal choice. They will offer you great support and don’t lock your feet.

  • Smooth surface

If you are playing on smooth surfaces such as smooth cement or PVC and Parquet. Pick up smooth and non-marking sole shoes. They will offer you a better grip even while changing the speed and direction. Choosing a sole with good cushioning enhances your play level.

  • Outdoor synthetic surface

If you are playing on artificial surfaces such as outdoor synthetic surf. Choosing a sole with multiple studs would fit. It will absorb your shock better and distribute it.

You might be tempted to simply get the most out of your shoes by wearing them on multiple surfaces. Incorrect use of studs leads to incredible accidents indeed. Put your foot on the turf when you are running fast and pelt down the wings.

  1. Define the material

People exclusively wear leather football shoes. They find them more comfortable and robust. Some people prefer modern synthetic and knitted uppers. Everyone has their own choice. Now, you need to find yours before splashing the money on some new football shoes.

  • Leather

The Leather football shoes always remain the top choice of players. It is due to the comfort and reliability they carry with them. There is no doubt that the latest synthetic and knitted shoes are matching the attributes, with the added benefit of being lighter, quicker, and more durable.

  • Synthetic

The Synthetic football shoes are not expensive because of their knitted counterparts. They are available at a decent price unless you are not addicted to old leather. Synthetic football shoes are the best option out there for the majority of players.

  • Knitted

With the knitted football shoes, your game will become faster than it’s ever been before. Do you know the prospect of being slowed down? The bulky leather shoes. They are not ideal for any speedy wingers. Knitted shoes are the lightest and fastest. Such good innovation at a decent price is recommended for serious players.

  1. Make sure the comfort

Now, people believe in comfort. They regard it as everything when it comes to football shoes. The player can forget about fancying, colorways, upgraded soleplates, and micro-textured uppers. If the shoes are not comfortable, they are not worth buying for players.

Comfortable football shoes will always remain stable and secure, lockdown the foot. They don’t make you feel tight and restrictive. It is always a good idea to go for the size we usually wear or one up from them.

  1. Define your playing position and style

Now players are more interested in a pair of football shoes that are specially designed for favored positions. And their innovative features enhance your particular attributes. Pick up a standard piece of footwear that makes your game best. Even if you are playing football casually, it is worth buying to go for those football shoes sports shoes which complement your game.


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