Increase Sales and Customer Retention using AMC Management Software

Increase Sales and Customer Retention using AMC Management Software

To retain customers, every service-based industry offers service. Only businesses that can satisfy their clients will survive in the service industry. In a nutshell, AMC is the Annual Maintenance Contract where the company offers its customers services for a specific amount till a specified time. Organizations use AMC Maintenance Software to efficiently manage their Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) and Complaint Service Requests (CSRs).

AMC software manages all information related to an annual maintenance contract. You can get the data in just a few clicks. It keeps track of all the details about your customers and their purchases. Manage annual maintenance contracts, preventive maintenance contracts, and complaint service calls for any product that may have warranty agreements and need regular servicing.

Why is AMC Management Software important to your business?

AMC services are very important to an organization. It reduces the organization’s costs, and they don’t need to hire extra employees.

You can concentrate on your work while the technician fixes your IT problems.

User-friendly software that delights customers

With Service CRM, you can search for products covered by AMC or warranty contracts based on the serial number and product details.

You can also add any additional information you want to your product. Entering quantity and price per product is useful for CRM.

The CRM software will automatically create the AMC and warranty agreements if you apply the tax. You will also have many clients in AMC, and the dashboard will display the service rest correctly.

Make business operations easy with regular service

Periodic services are automatically added to the CRM software after AMC. You signed an agreement with your client for 1 year or more and agreed to offer a few services free. Based on this, the software will plan services.

You can view the number of services scheduled for each customer.

An Online AMC Service Management Software will remind you when the service date approaches. You can then check that all services have been provided to customers at the right time.

With Smart Summary and client history analyze your business

AMC Management Software will keep track of AMC Service, AMC Complaints, and AMC Summary. You can also check the number of complaints that are pending and open. AMC Management Software allows you to see all complaints, AMC status, and warranty status with just one click.

The Outstanding Features That AMC Management Software Offers

A reliable Online AMC Service Management Software is loaded with the following features:

  • Cost-Effective: This helps to reduce the costs of an organization, and they don’t need additional staff for maintenance.
  • Service Request: The software will ask if the request is for a regular or PMS service. After entering the product details, a service request is generated.
  • AMC Schedule: The software will automatically create periodic services when you create AMC. The AMC software will let the organization know how many services were scheduled for each customer. The software will alert you when the scheduled service is approaching. You can ensure that the service is delivered on time.
  • Product Details: Including the Product Principal’s Name & Serial Number is mandatory when generating AMC. The software is a one-stop station that allows after-sales support teams to track all the data about the product and its principal.
  • AMC Pending Notification: The AMC Management Software allows service managers to track down AMCs that are about to expire in the next 30 days. This information is highlighted on the home screen.

How Does AMC Management Software Benefit Organizations?

Check out some fantastic advantages that AMC Management Software has to offer to various organizations:

1. Easy Customer Service

Service CRM AMC Service Management Software has an easy-to-use interface that helps you manage the details of your customers. You can manage your customers easily.

AMC software automates each stage to help reduce errors or missing important data. This gives customer’s confidence in the handling of their company. It is easy to track customer complaints with this feature. Online AMC Service Management Software helps you optimize data collection by providing tailor-made solutions.

2. Manage Service Contract

AMC management software lets you track contract details, such as expiration dates and the service provider’s number. This feature will help you build a stronger relationship with your customers by ensuring you do not miss any renewal contracts. This feature reduces the risk of losing all renewal contracts.

Service CRM

3. Manage Product Services

Manage all the important data about the AMC, including the date the product was faulty and the warranty period. With this software, you can keep track of your maintenance processes in an organized and dynamic way. You can get all information related to your business with a click.

4. Email Alerts and Message Alerts

AMC Maintenance Software has an integrated alerts feature that will remind customers of issues such as registered, resolved complaints, or the end of maintenance contracts. The software will generate these emails and messages. Send automated emails and messages to your clients in different situations, such as at the end of an agreement.

5. Complaint Management System

Complaint management is an essential part of any service sector. AMC Management Software allows businesses to track complaints and follow-up actions until a problem has been resolved. It helps keep track of the Customer Support Agents that are responsible for a particular complaint. Some software also includes tools that generate charts, reports, and graphs to track business performance quickly.

You can now manage all complaints from customers more efficiently with an electronic record. And, You can also maintain all complaints received more effectively and update the situation’s current status with no confusion or mistakes. You can now provide quality customer service with Service CRM.

AMC Service Customer CRM Software Optimizes Customer Retention Rates

You must choose a cloud-based Field Service Software to simplify your work and streamline your AMCs. The software will combine with an automated system, so there is less chance that important information or items are left out.

The software solution allows your technicians to have access to all customer information and complaints at anytime, anywhere. You can respond quickly to customer service requests and schedule all received requests more effectively.

The AMC Service Management Software stores all activities related to the product under AMC. It maintains a personalized report for every product and service that was performed on the product previously.

What else can you do? The service business begins to optimize the customer experience.

Customers expect quality service from service providers. They also expect them to be on time and complete the services efficiently. Only these things can increase their satisfaction with the brand.

To achieve this sooner, businesses must maintain and manage customer and product information. This helps them to provide the solution they want and to analyze the business more effectively with an elaborated client history.

The AMC Service Management Software for service providers is the leader in the industry. It helps managers track down AMCs close to meeting the AMC service dates, which will be highlighted on the screen.

The automatic creation of AMC invoices and the customized tool reduces the risk of missed renewals by 100%.


In conclusion, AMC (Annual maintenance contract) is a contract that every field service company will sign with its customers to repair and maintain products or properties. Thus, there is no doubt that AMC Maintenance Software can enhance your brand awareness, increase customer satisfaction, and improve retention rates.

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