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Do you have an idea that can bring millions to you? Yes? Great! Do you want to bring that idea into reality? Yes? Amazing! But wait, is that idea relevant for the target audience you have created it for? Lost in thoughts? Don’t worry! As you read this article, you will understand how you can make your idea a relevant one, enlisting the steps that would allow you to perform this seamlessly.

When we talk about ideas from the business perspective, it emphasizes creating unique solutions for driving them ahead. One of those innovative solutions is mobile apps.

Today, almost every business has an app to support the way it provides its services. This has helped grow their visibility to a greater extent apart from allowing them to enhance their customer base too.

However, it is not enough to have an app. It is equally relevant to gain insight if the app is relevant to the market where the launch is taking place.

This is where the article begins.

How Do I Know If My App Is Relevant to the Market Where I Plan to Launch It?

To determine if your mobile app is relevant for the market where you will be launching it, you need to place focus on three main areas-

  • Research on the target audience. This includes the basic demographics, like age group, occupation, etc
  • Identify the problems customers face while using an app, and gain clarity on the features you would add to your solution to mitigate them
  • Examine the OS more in demand in the region. In other words, understand if the region uses iOS more or Android. Thereafter, perform app launch

Once you gain knowledge in all these areas; you can gain insight that your app is relevant to the market where you are launching it.

It however demands the adherence to some steps, followed by adopting some unique strategies too. This ensures that the business is successful in driving maximum value. Simultaneously, it assists them to garner a wider customer base side-by-side.

To go about this perform mobile app research.

Let us understand this concept in the lines below.

All You Need to Know about Mobile App Market Research – What Is It All About?

App market research depicts understanding the target audience to the best capacity possible. This includes understanding the current market trends, and the elements that if added to your solution will attract more customers, and drive more value in the end.

I am sure the definition can help you understand the basic concept better. It however is worth noting here that you also need to take some areas into deep consideration before embarking on mobile app research.

This includes the following-

  • Understand the time. In other words, examine if the time marked to launch your app is appropriate
  • Examine if your solution is in sync with your USP and keeps clarity across the area too
  • Analyze if your app can fulfill the requirements of your customers or not

Once you have a green tick across all these areas; you can be assured that it is a good strategical move for your business indeed. This would allow for conducting seamless mobile app research.

Have a look below at the graph to examine the popularity of mobile apps from 2016 onward. Thereafter observe how after 2017, the solution provided extremely innovative services.


Looking at this graph, you can understand the popularity these solutions have enjoyed among customers and businesses alike.

As a result of these solutions being built with an idea in place, therefore it is important to assess whether it is appropriate for the market or not.

To go about this, follow the steps listed below.

Know Your Audience


There are two research modes used to perform this task.

  • Primary research whereby the requirement of the product in the market gets determination done. Once this area is taken care of the business model is framed
  • In secondary research, on the other hand, analysis is performed on the product’s core strength.
  • Thereafter, an optimized social media strategy is curated.

Performing these two research kinds, it becomes easy to form an idea if the users will be able to use your app, whether it will help them in their daily tasks, etc.

Embark on Competitor Analysis

Conducting a thorough competitor analysis is what you should incorporate next. In other words, identify your competitors, their core strengths, the services they provide, and their USP, to name a few.

All these factors will help you gain a competitive edge and keep you ahead in the market from your competitors.

Perform SWOT Analysis

Do you want to analyze the core strength of your app? Yes? A SWOT analysis is the best way to go about this.


Have a look at this image below to get an idea of the SWOT analysis conducted during mobile app development.

mobile app

Prepare a Pitch

This is the fourth very important point you need to adopt. Use captivating as well as engaging language. This will attract more users to your solution.

Therefore, keep the pitch clear and add a link to the landing page or press kit. This will help your customers to get clarity on understanding the basic workflow of the app, and the strategies that it has adopted to make their services known to a wider audience.

Collect Relevant Data

Collect and gather relevant data to conveniently make enhancements within your solution as and when necessary.

Therefore, ideally, try performing this task through a reliable and trustworthy source. Some sites that I recommend for this are Gartner, Statista, Google Trends, etc.

In addition to the points above, another few techniques that you can adopt while performing mobile app research are channeling the use of social media to your advantage. This will educate you on the uniqueness of the competitors and identify the strategies to outshine them. Side-by-side, you need to also work hard towards creating a pitch that will allow users to get attracted to your offering. Finally, ensure to create a well-devised business plan. Try keeping the plan as clear and concise as possible to perform this action to prevent confusion on the part of stakeholders.

Ending Words

Customers today place focus on using solutions that make their day-to-day life easy. This has thereupon encouraged them to use mobile apps.

Businesses have thereupon realized their overall importance and usefulness.. This is not for customers alone, but vehicles.

However, the catch has been to perform extensive research to propel their business ahead. This has encouraged them to innovate the mobile app development procedure to drive more business value and earn a good customer base. It is significant to add here, that performing this task solo is not that easy. Hence, the best way to go about is to connect with a mobile app development company. With the experience they possess in seamless and best mobile app development services, they will build a solution that maximizes user base and revenues too, side-by-side.

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